As a brand, we have always been concerned with sustainability and fair production, but nowadays it is more important than ever to communicate this to our customers and to the rest of the world. We’ll tell you how we try to be a sustainable company in 6 points.

Choice of material
We only choose high-quality materials that can be enjoyed for a long time. That is why we only work with gold filled and solid gold.

Our main supplier is based in the US, where strict laws apply concerning the enivronment and child labor is forbidden. Our supplier is also working on a sustainable future, for example, the entire company runs on solar energy. Packaging material is often made from biodegradable or recycled material, and they recycle almost all materials that remain after production. 

Packaging and recycling
We recycle the packaging that we use ourselves, and we try to use as little plastic as possible. Our jewelry boxes are made of eco-cardboard. We are looking for a good alternative to our foam insert, which is currently made of poly-urethane. The foam insert protects the jewelry against damage, and ensures that they do not get tangled, so it is a high priority for us to replace it properly. We are certainly open to suggestions!

Planting trees
Because many of our materials come from overseas, we plant trees every month via Trees for All to compensate for the CO2 emissions associated with the transport of our materials.

Trees for All is the most experienced provider of CO2 compensation in the Netherlands, and the only foundation in the Netherlands with CBF certification where compensation of CO2 is possible through sustainable forest projects. All their projects are certified and guarantee the amount of CO2 captured. CO2 compensation can take place in various ways. Compensation through forest planting is a high-quality form of compensation, because trees have so much added value for humans, animals, nature and the environment.

Bicycle couriers
For our shipment we use fietskoeriers.nl for delivery in the 30 major cities in the Netherlands. No delivery service is as green as fietskoeriers.nl. The last part of package delivery is the most polluting part in the journey of a package. TNO has calculated that cycling the last part to the receiver alone results in a CO2 saving of 60% compared to a diesel van. On places where packages cannot be delivered by bicycle, fietskoeriers.nl works together with DHL and Skynet.

We work with a permanent collection to which we occasionally add or remove products. We believe that our collection is timeless and we do not engage in fast fashion. We therefore never have large batches of jewelry and can sell everything for a fair price.