Welcome to The Two Collectors,  a jewelry brand based in Amsterdam.

We love jewelry that is unique, timeless and long-lasting.

Our gold base collection is made out of the highest quality gold-filled material. This material is up to 100 times thicker than goldplating which makes our items durable, sustainable, valuable but still affordable.

Because of this very thick gold layer, our jewelry is also waterproof so you can wear your jewelry 24/7

Our items are collected, assembled and made with love. Timeless, in small fixed editions and supplemented with unique and vintage items.

Our jewelry is made to wear together or on its own. It’s easy to add items to your style or keep it simple; whatever you feel like.

We hope you’ll find some gems that accentuate your own unique style!

If you have any questions or would like some style advice, feel free to reach out!

info@thetwocollectors.nl / or send us an DM on Instagram @the_twocollectors