How to measure your ring size?
There are a few ways to measure your ring size. The easiest way is to measure a ring you already fit. You can do this by measuring the inner diameter with a ruler. Measure without the rim of the ring. The amount of millimeters is your ringsize. In general, broader rings might have a tighter fit, so make sure that you measure a ring that will match the ring you want to buy in broadness.

A different way to know your ring size is by measuring your finger. You can do this with a thin rope, ribbon or paper. It should be as thin as possible; the thicker it is, the more it influences the outcome.

  1. Wind the rope around your finger once, at the place you want to wear your ring. Take into account that it should still be able to go over your knuckle.
  2. Mark the spot where the rope crosses itself.
  3. Stretch the rope, place it next to a ruler and measure the millimeters to where you marked it.
  4. Compare the outcome to the chart below to find the corresponding ring size.

When determining your ring size, be aware of the following:
* No finger is the same, so ring sizes can be different for all of yours too. Always measure the finger where you plan to wear the ring.
* Take the thickness of the ring into account. The thicker, the tighter it’s going to fit.
* Try to measure your fingers when your hands are at room temperature. Warmth and cold influence blood flow, and thus the size of your fingers.
* Want to make sure you have an accurate measurement? Measure your finger twice, on different times during the day. 

Conversion chart
Do you know your ring size in diameters, but not in circumference, or vice versa? Then this handy chart can convert one into the other.

If you want to convert to US sizes then consult the following
* US 5 // 15,7 diameter
* US 6 // 16,5 diameter
* US 7 // 17,3 diameter
* US 8 // 18,1 diameter
* US 9 // 18,9 diameter