The Two Collectors



This bracelet is made of a part of the Gold Pearl Dreamer bracelet and a part of a Dreamer Large bracelet. 

Material // The bracelet/anklet is made from Gold-filled which means that these items are composed with a solid layer of gold, which must constitute at least 5% of the item's total weight, mechanically bonded to a base metal. Because of this particular process gold-filled items are long lasting and will not tarnish by normal use. 

The gemstones are pearl beads. It is believed that Pearl promotes qualities such as honesty, integrity, understanding, insight and acceptance (of yourself and others). It paves the way for wisdom and ensures satisfaction. A Pearl helps to absorb stress and negative emotions, such as anger and guilt, and may soothe a great grief.
Month of birth: June

The model is wearing our Ariel pearl ring, Twisted ring and Mini Bloom ring

in the second picture.

The model is wearing the Pearl x Dreamer Sophia Clasp necklace in the third picture.

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